Is Bishop Williamson still a SSPX Priest and Bishop?

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Of course we know that Bishop Williamson was unjustly expelled from the personal issues and agenda of Bishop Fellay wanting to reconcile with modernist rome. Bishop Williamson was in the way. Or rather, any thought of Archbishop Lefebvre was in the way which is why near 60-priests have been transferred, expelled, moved over, incarcerated like Bishop Tissier who is still held in house arrest in Chicago, and some priests tried in Menzingen’s kangaroo courts admonished with bizarre ‘punishments’ to be silent. Also to mention some books of Archbishop Lefebvre quotes are banned inside the neo-sspx and legal action taken against any entity who uses quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre that Menzingen does not want to shed light on their deceits.

When Bishop Williamson was expelled in Oct. 2012, he wrote his last letter to Bishop Fellay as an open letter for the world to see the hypocrisy of Menzingen, its scandals, and a Catholic Bishop’s admonishment to another Catholic Bishop. In the end of Bishop Williamson’s letter, he stated:
In brief, your Excellency, you may now go ahead and exclude me, because the arguments above are not likely to persuade you, but the exclusion will be more apparent than real. I have been a member of the Archbishop’s Society ever since my perpetual engagement. I have been one of its priests for 36 years. I have been one of its bishops, like yourself, for nearly a quarter of a century. That is not all to be wiped out with one stroke of a pen. Member of the Archbishop’s Society I therefore remain, and I wait.” OPEN LETTER TO BISHOP FELLAY ON AN “EXCLUSION”, London, 19 October, 2012, Bishop Williamson.

The priests of the SSPX-MC also state that they are still SSPX priests who were unjustly expelled and remain faithful to their promises of their order. The unjust expulsions have no value in Law, Canon Law, no value in Moral Theology, no value in Dogma, no value before God. Therefore, they are not excommunicated; they are not expelled.

They took their permanent promises to the Society of St. Pius X a long time ago. They are still priests of the Society of St. Pius X. They have the obligations to fulfill the duties of a Society of St. Pius X priest; which is a Society that was established within the Holy Roman Catholic Church; a Society that was approved by the Holy Roman Catholic Church; a Society of the Church.

When members of the Society of St. Pius X speak out against the truth, and speak out against the founder of our Church our Lord Jesus Christ, and speak out against the founder of their Society Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who is a faithful follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, these priests must act like a true shepherd and defend the truth; regardless of any consequences or respecter of persons. The Catholic religion was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and confirmed through His passion, death, and resurrection of His glory…no man can take it away.

Yet, for three ongoing years we now read something different with un-clarity from Bishop Williamson’s Elesion Comments and various conferences that he does not want to be apart of any organization. He also states within his Nov. 2014 conference in Canada to those in the Catholic Resistance who see the historical need for catholic organization to maintain our unity and our fight against the powerful deceits against us, to be in union of the Church and her saints, he says to us: “to put away your toys“; the resistance is not going anywhere.

He states that as a Bishop of the Catholic Church, and still a member of the SSPX, which is founded on solid principles and blessed on the Decree and Directive on the foundation of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolate Church, he wants to do something else; like, to be independent. Not to start anything; not to organize anything; but instead…to start a “loose network of priests“. All the while he states that he just wants to be a “friend, father, and adviser“.

So which is it?

One cannot serve two masters. For sure the faithful on every side are confused in his two standards. Which is it? It is also certain that the Catholic Resistance has gone through more turmoil by his wallowing of principles and instability of thought.

We will survive; God promised this for His Church. But what of Bishop Williamson? Battle fatigue? Disorientated by worldly media attacks? He does have our support; only if he serves the objective truth.

It is observed when others ask him of this “loose network”, which he still makes known in his Eleison Comments of people complaining to him about it, that he directs away from speaking about his remaining faithful to be an sspx priest and bishop that he said to the world he remains and awaits to be restored within the integrity of the sspx physical order. But the sspx physical, moral, and spiritual order is right under his nose; it is in his permanent promises he made before the Blessed Sacrament. That is what the SSPX-MC priests constantly remind him of in which they remain and continue under the same statues and sanctification of priestly support, priories, seminaries, missions, etc. Nothing has change in the mission of the Society of St. Pius X; only the management.

So why does Bishop Williamson not continue his role as a SSPX priest and Bishop to faithfully support its existence and unity from those who hijacked the physical buildings?

Where is thy faith…? To who do you serve? The Catholic Faithful are calling out to you, like St. Athanasius and Archbishop Lefebvre. Now is not a time to do your own thing saying the sky is going to fall with your head in the sand.

Courage is the enduring mark that begins the fight.

Instaurare in Omnia in Christo” -To restore all things in Christ is the motto of St. Pius X. We hope that Bishop Williamson will see his errors and convert. However, we will continue on with or without those who have ambitions foreign to the cause of the fight at hand.

Have peace. If necessary, God can make more bishops for the Church from the stones of the earth. “To whom he said: I say to you, that if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19).

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