Owner of Schismatic Orthodox Website Confirmed to Be Ambrose Moran

In a post titled “Ambrose Moran:  Is He Really a Catholic Bishop?“, I wrote the following in regards to a schismatic Orthodox website that is no longer available:


“The picture below (ignore the yellow and orange highlighted areas) is a screenshot that I took on October 5, 2015 of a website under the url ‘www.theuoac.com’.  On October 14, 2015 I called Bryan Jordan, website registrant contact as indicated in the second screenshot below, to find out why the website contained information that was contrary to Bishop Ambrose Moran’s claim of being a Catholic bishop.  A lady, who worked at the website hosting company called “VistaWorks“, answered the phone and told me that Bryan Jordan worked for VistaWorks.  He was not the owner of the website.  She also told me that someone had called that same morning and the website was taken down.  At that time, I did not know who owned the website, but I had a suspicion that it was owned by Bishop Ambrose Moran himself.  This suspicion was based on the information contained on the website and the registrant mailing address, Buena Vista, Colorado.  Bishop Ambrose Moran lives in the area.  A couple of weeks later I found out, from a very reliable source, that Bishop Ambrose Moran did indeed own the website and that he took it down.


That Ambrose Moran (real name “William Edward Moran” – see pg. 28 of Fr. Ortiz’s study) did indeed own the website has been confirmed by the good investigation work of Fr. Juan Ortiz.  Here is the address that was indicated on the screenshot of the website mentioned above:




Fr. Ortiz found the owner of P.O. Box 5215 on a Colorado voters list website (not run by the State of Colorado) along with the rest of the address; it is none other than William Edward Moran!

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  1. Will you please repost the letter from bishop Moran to bishop Gregory from 2007..(. I cannot find it).in Which he states that he regrets all of his doings outside the orthodox church and requests acceptance into GOCA. I have just started looking around to make some sense of all this Bishop Moran crisis . Someone told.me that the letter is without a doubt incriminating. Thank you.


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