Concerning Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer and Fr. David Hewko

Mar 4, 2017

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I want to preface what I am about to state that I, Tony La Rosa, speak only for myself.


The last Mass I attended with either Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer or Fr. David Hewko was with Fr. David Hewko on Sunday October 25, 2015 (Feast of Christ the King).  Shortly thereafter, the Our Lady of Good Success Mission (now defunct) separated itself from these two Fathers because of the Ambrose Moran issue.  On November 7, 2015, the Fathers issued a public statement in which they declared that there would be no association with Ambrose Moran.  However, no reasons were provided.  This public statement brought relief to many of the faithful, but not to me.  It was not sufficient for me that the association would not take place; rather, I wanted the Fathers to make public the reasons for their decision after they had promoted Ambrose Moran as a bishop who would possibly help with the Our Lady of Mount Carmel seminary.  Furthermore, I wanted the Fathers to acknowledge that Ambrose Moran was a fraud.  I had suspicions that the Fathers knew that Ambrose Moran was a fraud, but that they did not want to publicly admit it; they did not want to admit that they were fooled.  With these thoughts in my head, I collaborated with Fr. Juan Ortiz in helping him write his paper called “A Theological and Canonical Study on the Case of William Edward, a.k.a. Ambrose, Moran-Dolgorouky”, published on December 19, 2015.  This paper was a first step in a potential two-step process.  The purpose of this paper was to show the Fathers (and the world) that Ambrose Moran was indeed a fraud and also a schismatic.  There was hope that by presenting solid evidence the Fathers would be either awakened to the truth of Ambrose Moran or at least pressure them to come clean.  Unfortunately, what was hoped for was not achieved.  The second step was now activated; part 2 of 2 of the paper was written called “A Theological and Canonical Study on the Case of William Edward, a.k.a. Ambrose, Moran-Dolgorouky”, published on March 17, 2016.  The purpose of this second part was to convince the priests and faithful to stop associating and attending the Masses of the Fathers on account of their involvement with a schismatic, until they publicly repented.  Many people took heed of this and stopped doing so.  The Fathers, however, did not budge.


After the publication of the second part, I continued listening to the Fathers’ sermons and conferences.  I thought to myself that if the Fathers were just trying to sweep Ambrose Moran under the rug because of embarrassment, then God would stop blessing their work.  Perhaps this would take the form of the Fathers getting caught up in some other serious scandal, moving away from the position of Archbishop Lefebvre on some essential matter, or even worse, adopting grave doctrinal errors.  Another thought that came into my mind (really since the November 7, 2015 public statement) is that perhaps the Fathers were waiting for a more opportune time to re-introduce Ambrose Moran back into the picture after the backlash had settled down.  However, to this very day, the Fathers continue to publicly stand by their position that Ambrose Moran is a true Catholic bishop, but there have been no sightings of Ambrose Moran near the Fathers for well over a year; they have kept true to their public statement of not associating.  Furthermore, and more importantly, the Fathers continue to be valiant defenders of the Archbishop’s work despite the criticism and persecution they have faced from their confreres for opposing the three Resistance bishops in their sliding away, by commission and/or omission, from the Archbishop’s work.  The Fathers have faithfully defended the Archbishop’s work by, for example, publicly and forcefully opposing attendance at the New Mass, attendance at Sedevacantist and “non una cum” Masses, and Bishop Williamson’s errors regarding attendance at these Masses.  Furthermore, the Fathers continue to reject Vatican II wholesale and continue to maintain the red light position, which is ever so vital to the true Resistance.  What then am I to make of all this?  I have come to the conclusion that the Fathers’ past involvement with Ambrose Moran has not been a debilitating obstacle preventing them from keeping alive the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.  I cannot answer for certain why despite the fact that the Fathers have not recanted their position regarding Ambrose Moran and have not made public reparation.  I can only tell you what I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears over the past year, that is, that the Fathers have shown themselves to continue to be true spiritual sons of the Archbishop.  Therefore, as I myself am a staunch defender of the Archbishop, I have decided that I will return to attending the Masses of the Fathers, if they will have me.  I am making this public statement in justice and charity because I had previously publicly and privately tried to convince others to stay away from the Fathers’ Masses.  For those of you who didn’t listen and stuck with the Fathers, time has shown in my estimation that you were right and I was wrong.  For those of you that did listen, I apologize.  I can only tell you that I did what I thought was most prudent at the time.  Perhaps the reasons I have presented for returning to the Fathers are not sufficient for you.  I am sorry if this is the case, but in the end we each have to decide for ourselves in this time of confusion in which the Church authorities are not doing their job in weeding out the wolves from the sheep.  And the mess that exists in the Resistance is not making it any easier.  I can only ask you that if you truly consider yourself a faithful follower of the Archbishop, please pay close attention to who is most keeping his memory alive and well.


Finally, to Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko, I am sorry for the grief I have caused you.  I hope you will forgive me.  I will make reparation by promoting your work on the Ecclesia Militans website.

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