Still Awaiting Public Retraction from His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson

In His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson’s 566th Edition of Eleison Comments, he writes the following:


“If there is one thing certain about Catholic Tradition and the Second Vatican Council, it is that they are irreconcilable.”


“…..the spirit of the Council is driving towards a new religion centred on man…..”


“… 1990 Archbishop Lefebvre saw and said that Vatican II is 100% infected by subjectivism…..”


“…..the fact that they (i.e., Tradition and the Second Vatican Council) are irreconcilable is the most important reality now governing the life of the Church…..”


Bravo!  However, we still await His Excellency’s public retraction that one may morally actively attend the Novus Ordo Mass under certain circumstances.


As I wrote in a previous post, let us keep praying and hoping that His Excellency will return to the position of his spiritual father, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, on this essential matter stating that:


“I shall never advise anyone in a positive manner to take an active part in such a Mass (i.e., Novus Ordo).”

(Declaration of Fidelity to the Positions of the SSPX)


Until then, we should steer clear of his false resistance.

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