The June 30, 1980 Letter of William Moran to Bishop Borecky

A letter dated June 30, 1980 was sent by William Moran to Bishop Borecky of the Toronto Eparchy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.  I wrote about this letter in this post, in which I stated the following:


“William Moran identifies himself as ‘Fr.‘ Basil Moran.  Hold on a minute!  Why does he identify himself as ‘Father‘ when he was supposedly consecrated a bishop twice in 1976 (and this while he was continuing his graduate studies as per the February 14, 1975 letter, which is also referenced in this June 30, 1980 letter)?  And don’t forget that Bishop Borecky himself, according to Ambrose Moran, co-consecrated him a bishop in July 1976 and provided him a letter dated August 26, 1976 congratulating him for being appointed the successor of Cardinal Josyf Slipyj.  It is obvious here that William Moran was NOT consecrated a bishop either by Cardinal Slipyj or Bishop Borecky!”


That William Moran called himself “Father” in this 1980 letter caught my interest again (also note that he did not call himself “Ambrose” as he does when referring to himself as a bishop).  It led me to contact the Orthodox Church of America (OCA) to see whether they had anything on record regarding William Moran and his application to submit himself under the jurisdiction of Orthodox Metropolitan Theodosius.  Today (July 31, 2018) I received a message from a Fr. Eric G. Tosi, Secretary of the Chancery Office, in which he wrote that he did an extensive search of the archives and found some information about William Moran’s application to the OCA.  I then spoke to Fr. Tosi over the phone and he told me that William Moran applied to the OCA as an archimandrite (which is an honorary title for Eastern Catholic and Orthodox priests).  He was interviewed and given a theological test.  The result was that he was not accepted into the OCA.  Fr. Tosi was not allowed to supply me with records of the application and related documentation.


We see here that twice, in the letter and in the application, William Moran refers to himself as a priest and not a bishop, and this four years after he was supposedly consecrated a bishop, twice!  Very strange.

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