Ambrose Moran and the Genuine Orthodox Church of America

In the latter part of 2007, Ambrose Moran joined a schismatic sect called the Genuine Orthodox Church of America (GOCA).  The major event he took part in was the “consecration” of “Bishop” John.  In mid-2008, Ambrose Moran left the GOCA.  You can read the timeline of events here as told by the GOCA.  It was from “Bishop” Gregory that I obtained Ambrose Moran’s Orthodox consecration certificate.  Ambrose Moran presented it as evidence that he was an Orthodox bishop.  He also presented this letter.


When asked about this time in his life, Ambrose Moran told the Kentucky Fathers that “Bishop” Gregory led him to believe that he wished to be received into the Catholic Church.  Now if one reads the GOCA website and clicks on the link below, which is to an impartial news post published in July 2008, he may be forced to ask himself, “Can anything be more comical than Ambrose Moran’s claim that ‘Bishop’ Gregory wanted to become Catholic?”


News post screenshot:



GOCA website screenshot:



The “consecration” of “Bishop” John:


“Bishop” John, “Bishop” Gregory, Ambrose Moran

A Second Inquiry into the Alleged Episcopal Consecration of Ambrose Moran by Cardinal Slipyj

In this post, I presented an e-mail from Don Marco Yaroslav Semehen, the then and still Rector of St. Sophia church in Rome, in which he concluded that the episcopal consecration certificate presented by Ambrose Moran as evidence of his episcopal consecration by Cardinal Slipyj is false.  St. Sophia is the church where Ambrose Moran claims he was consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Slipyj.  With Ambrose Moran now back in the picture at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel seminary in Boston, Kentucky, I decided to make a second inquiry at the same church.  I presented the above linked episcopal consecration certificate as well as this picture (background is St. Sophia church) and website.  This morning (of August 25, 2018) I received the following (in red font) via e-mail from Don Andriy Soletskyy, current Vice Rector of St. Sophia church in Rome:


Glory to Jesus Christ!


Let me give you a brief response on your request, concerning the presence in the Historical Archives of the UGCC in Rome of the documents testifying the possible Bishop ordination of William (Vasyliy, Amvrosiy) Moran by Patriarch Josyph.


Checking the main archival funds and cases revealed the complete absence of such documents. Moreover, the comparison of signatures of His Beatitude Josyph and His Excellency Isydor Boretskyy from that period with the signatures in the “document” sent by you, certifies that your document is a falsification and the signatures in it are fake.


We have found instead a letter from Bishop Boretskyy to Patriarch Josyph, containing a petition for acceptance under his jurisdiction of Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America Mykolay Ilnytskyy with two priests, Ivan Ropke and William Moran, from November 29, 1974. In a draft of the response letter Patriarch Josyph asks Boretskyy to send the original documents and to find out more about the canonical status of the requesters.


Any other documents were not found. In my opinion, there is no need of further researches, which may take a long time. Also, from the newly opened Archival funds of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) we know that similar fake documents were often made by Soviet secret service.


A second investigation, conducted by a different priest, produces the same result, that is, Ambrose Moran is a fraud by presenting himself as a Catholic bishop consecrated by Cardinal Slipyj. Yet he has managed somehow to gain the Kentucky Fathers’ trust.


The following is a screenshot taken on August 25, 2018 of the website linked above, which provides information regarding St. Sophia church in Rome (taken in case it changes in the future):