William Moran and Incarnation Catholic Elementary School

In September 2017, without any solicitation on my part, I was contacted via e-mail by a Mr. James DeSantis.  He wrote that he saw pictures on this Ambrose Moran website and that he recognized Ambrose Moran as a Catholic elementary school teacher that he had in Grade 8 of the 1970 to 1971 school year at Incarnation School in Queens Village, New York.  One of the pictures that most caught Mr. DeSantis’ attention was that of William Moran as a seminarian in 1971 (see below).  According to Mr. DeSantis, that is the way William Moran looked at that time, but that he was not a seminarian; rather, he was a school teacher.  William Moran was introduced in September 1970 as Brother William Moran.


Mr. DeSantis graduated from Incarnation School in June 1971.  Therefore, he no longer had contact with William Moran after that.  However, he had friends in earlier grades that could vouch that William Moran remained a school teacher in the 1971 to 1972 and 1972 to 1973 school years.  It was in 1973 that Mr. DeSantis learned that the school discovered some time in the 1971 to 1972 school year that William Moran was not actually a brother and that some time in the 1972 to 1973 school year he was dismissed from the school.  Furthermore, Mr. DeSantis learned that William Moran was dismissed from a seminary prior to his arrival at Incarnation School (I believe this may be the seminary written about in this post).


As evidence of William Moran being a teacher during at least two of the mentioned years, Mr. DeSantis provided me over the course of our communications (via e-mail and over the phone) class pictures of the 1971 to 1972 and 1972 to 1973 school years that were provided to him by students of earlier grades.  You can find William Moran to the left hand side of the pastor who is in the middle of each picture.  Unfortunately, Mr. DeSantis could not find a class picture of the 1970 to 1971 school year, but is willing to put his testimony on the line by communicating with anybody interested in doing so.  Mr. DeSantis can be reached at “jvdesantis@gmail.com”.  Please forgive Mr. DeSantis if he takes several days to get back to you as he is a businessman often on the move.


I provided the two class pictures to Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko (one picture was provided in September 2017 and the other in December 2017) shortly after I received them from Mr. DeSantis.  I questioned the Fathers on how William Moran could be ordained a priest by Cardinal Slipyj in 1974 when he spent the three previous years as a school teacher rather than as a seminarian.  Neither of the Fathers responded to me.


My friends, if we take the testimony of Mr. DeSantis and the evidence of the two class pictures presented in this post along with the several other pieces of evidence presented in my other posts, the story given by Ambrose Moran that he was ordained a priest in 1974 and consecrated a bishop in 1976, both by Cardinal Slipyj, just doesn’t add up.  Furthermore, it is dangerous to assume that Ambrose Moran’s alleged ordination in 1974 and consecration in 1976 by Orthodox bishops were valid.  Even if one accepts that the Orthodox ordination and consecration ceremonies did truly occur and that they were probably valid, it is still not sufficient in the moral order to receive the sacraments from him (refer to Denzinger 1151).  Yet recently we had Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko approve of Ambrose Moran conditionally ordaining Fr. Poisson, former priest of the Fraternity of St. Peter.  Now that the Fathers have gone down this road, do not be surprised if Ambrose Moran sooner or later administers the Minor and Major Orders to their seminarians.


Things are getting really messy in Boston, Kentucky!




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