Ambrose Moran and the Eparchy of Toronto

In late 2015, Fr. Juan Ortiz sent several documents to Fr. Fr. Bohdan Bilinksy, the then and current Episcopal Vicar of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada, for review and analysis.  Fr. Bilinsky sent Fr. Ortiz this letter in response.  Of particular interest for this post is this 1976 letter, which is also found on this website, allegedly written by Bishop Isidore Borecky, the then Eparch of Toronto.  Ambrose Moran presented this letter to Fr. Pfeiffer as additional evidence that he was consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Slipyj.  Furthermore, this letter states that Cardinal Slipyj was to announce that Ambrose Moran would be appointed his successor as Metropolitan Archbishop.  Ambrose Moran never did become Metropolitan Archbishop after Cardinal Slipyj’s death in 1984.  Instead, it was Cardinal Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky, who was co-consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Slipyj in 1979, that became his successor.  Well, then, why wasn’t Ambrose Moran appointed the successor as per the letter?  For the answer, let us read the words of Fr. Bilinsky:


“A copy of this letter is not in our files. The signature on this document is not congruent with other signatures of Bishop Isidore’s that we have on file. I allege that it is a forgery.”


Fr. Bilinsky is spot on regarding the letter being a forgery.  First, note that the letter does not contain a protocol number, which is typical in official Church correspondence.  Compare it to this letter (also found on this website), which is in the Eparchy of Toronto archives, as attested to by Fr. Bilinsky himself.  The letter found in the archives contains Protocol No. 2/75c.  Second, let us recall in this post that Ambrose Moran wrote a letter in 1980 to Bishop Isidore Borecky, which Fr. Bilinsky also attests to being in the Eparchy of Toronto archives, addressing himself as “Father” Moran, referencing Protocol No. 2/75c, and requesting a letter of reference to be admitted to the Orthodox Church in America.  These all show that the 1976 letter is a fake.  As a side note, the 1980 letter is NOT posted on this website.  Hmm.  I wonder why.


So let us see now. Ambrose Moran fakes an episcopal consecration certificate, fakes a photo of himself with Cardinal Slipy, and fakes a letter in which he has Bishop Isidore Borecky state that he was consecrated a bishop by and appointed successor to Cardinal Slipyj.  What should be one’s response toward Ambrose Moran in this situation?  Run far away!


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