Question Directed to OLMC Supporters regarding the Receiving of the Sacraments from the Fake Resistance

In the conference linked below, Fr. Pfeiffer said that he invited Bishop Richard Williamson and the three other Fake Resistance bishops to come and conditionally ordain Fr. Poisson prior to asking Ambrose Moran.  In the sermon linked below, Fr. Pfeiffer said that Fr. Pancras Raja wrote a letter to Bishop Williamson dated May 28, 2019, to ask on behalf of OLMC for His Excellency to come and ordain Fr. Pfeiffer’s seminarians.  But wait a minute!  Is not Bishop Williamson the unofficial head of the Fake Resistance?  Has not Fr. Pfeiffer himself condemned the Fake Resistance?  Why, then, is Fr. Pfeiffer willing for his seminarians to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders from a Fake Resistance bishop?  What kind of example is Fr. Pfeiffer setting for the True Resistance faithful and his own seminarians?  So my question is:

Why don’t you, OLMC supporters, ask Bishop Williamson, the other three Fake Resistance bishops, or even the Fake Resistance priests to come and administer the sacraments to you and your families?

Think about the benefits.  You will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation for your children without question of validity.  You will have Mass more frequently.  You will receive Our Lord more frequently.  As Fr. Pfeiffer is setting the example, why don’t you follow suit?

My friends, you are either for the True Resistance or not.  Unfortunately, this combined with other things has shown Fr. Pfeiffer to be NOT for the True Resistance.  Therefore, I urge you to please make the choice for the True Resistance and join the fight with True Resistance priests like Fr. David Hewko.

3 thoughts on “Question Directed to OLMC Supporters regarding the Receiving of the Sacraments from the Fake Resistance”

  1. Agnes, thank you for your comment. We must also treat the Fake Resistance and Fr. Pfeiffer’s OLMC the same way. We should not be attending their Masses as doing so is a sign of unity in public worship with groups that are no longer part of the True Resistance.

    • I totally agree and my reply applied to OLMC as another one bites the dust. There was a series entitled Last Man Standing and we are at a point where we can almost say Last Priest Standing. God help us.

  2. The choice and fight for the TRUE Resistance should be without question if one is really and truly resisting. Some want both and even attend the SSPX Mass as well, not seeming to comprehend the danger of the situation. Their justification is that they have been told that they are not sinning by doing this. It doesn’t appear to be the case of blind obedience either, since some are fully aware of the compromise yet continue to attend their Mass of choice or what’s most convenient or available to them. My conscience clearly tells me that I am sinning by deliberately placing myself in a situation of error and compromise and all for the sake of having Mass from traitors for which the thought sickens me. Another error in my opinion is that some will attend a Mass because “the Priest is a good Priest” and that’s where they’re stuck and seem unable or unwilling to look beyond this good Priest instead of whom or what he supports and stands for. This isn’t like 1962, when there was not internet and people put all their trust in the Clergy and isn’t this what Archbishop Lefebvre called blind obedience anyway, only some are not so blind nowadays and really need to make that choice when their souls depends on it.


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