Equivocation of the Term “Sedevacantist”

The classical definition of the term “Sedevacantist” is one who holds that the Chair of St. Peter has not been occupied since Pope Pius XII.  We now have those who use scare tactics against one who holds Benedict XVI as the true pope by asserting that if Benedict XVI dies before Jorge Bergoglio he becomes a “Sedevacantist”.  Really?  So if Benedict XVI dies before Jorge Bergoglio he comes to hold that the Chair of St. Peter has not been occupied since Pope Pius XII?  Such asserters either don’t realize that they are equivocating the term “Sedevacantist” by giving it two different meanings in the same argument (this is called the logical fallacy of equivocation) or they know they are equivocating the term “Sedevacantist” in the same argument and are hence engaging in sophistry.  In either case, don’t fall for it!  If Pope Benedict XVI does indeed die before Jorge Bergoglio, the Chair of St. Peter ceases to be occupied and a conclave elects the next pope.  Plain and simple.

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  1. I have a question. Since Pope Benedict XVI the Pope, and Pope Francis is an anti-Pope, and Pope Benedict dies first, There won’t be a conclave immediately because everyone believes that Francis is the Pope. That being the case, since there will not be a conclave until Francis dies or resigns. Would that make the Chair of Peter empty during the interim?

    • Yes. However, this is based on the assumption that Benedict XVI dies first and before that there would be no serious challenge by the cardinals to Jorge Bergoglio’s legitimacy.

  2. We have been accused of sedevacantism one too many times, as I firmly told that individual to knock it off and never say that again because it is not true. The individual then ( next time ) following an illogical mindset was asked “What if Bergoglio dies first?” The response was that Bergoglio will not die first.
    How’s that one for a mindset as it pertains to those who think they must/can now predict the future because they must have a “sound answer” for everything that is in opposition to the idea that Pope Francis is the pope.

    • Some in the Catholic Resistance are also calling us Sedevacantists. Has anybody before 1958 been called a Sedevacantist in a papal interregnum? It is nonsense. Furthermore, this is all predicated on the assumption that Pope Benedict XVI will die first. These asserters are not looking at the facts NOW; rather, they worry about what this means for the future. Do they love truth or not???

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