Administrator of The Catacombs Forum Chimes in AGAIN on “Benedict Is the True Pope”

In this post, I challenged the Administrator (Admin) of The Catacombs Forum to justify the change in position that the Admin had taken from “Benedict XVI is pope” to “Jorge Bergoglio is pope”.  Since then I have not heard a peep from the Admin in response to this challenge.  However, yesterday the Admin started another thread (see screenshot below) on this matter (and has again refused to allow discussion) in which was referenced an article published by Catholic Candle.  In this article, there is a commonly used argument against the “Benedict is pope” position that states that the man that the Church universally accepts as pope is the true pope because universal acceptance corrects an invalid or doubtful election.  Now it is true that universal acceptance can do this.  However, this is assuming that the previous pope either died or validly resigned from the office of the papacy.  In Benedict XVI’s case, neither is true.  Therefore, universal acceptance has no bearing in Benedict XVI’s case.  If one does not agree, then he must either prove that Benedict XVI validly resigned the office of the papacy or admit that the papacy can be taken away from a reigning pope and given to another, which is an untenable position according to the divine constitution of the papacy.  Nevertheless, that Jorge Bergoglio has universal acceptance can itself be challenged.  Since his supposed election, there has been a small but growing number of faithful who have come to the conclusion that Benedict XVI’s did not validly resign from the office of the papacy and therefore remains pope.  Read the Declaratio; the facts speak for themselves.

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