Fr. David Hewko Speaks Out against the “Resignationist” Theory

In the sermon linked below starting at 48 minutes, Fr. David Hewko speaks out against the “Resignationist” theory and calls it “absurd”.

1. Father states that the term “munus” (office) needs to be clearly defined.

The term is defined in both the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law.  See pages 2 and 3 of my paper “Benedict Is the True Pope!”.  The term “ministry” on the other hand is not defined in either Code.  You may also find here an extensive study on the two terms by Br. Alexis Bugnolo.

2. Father states that Benedict XVI recognizes Jorge Bergoglio as pope.

The term “pope” as used by Benedict XVI in reference to Jorge Bergoglio needs to be understood in a qualified sense.  Benedict XVI renounced the active exercise of the ministry, that is, the government of the Church.  Meanwhile, he retained the office and the passive exercise of the ministry.  See here for a diagram.  Because he renounced the active exercise of powers that belong to his own office, he calls that person who exercises them “pope”.  Big deal.  It is still Benedict XVI who has the charism of infallibility and universal and supreme jurisdiction over the whole Church because these belong to the office.

3. Father states that he is sure Archbishop Lefebvre would not hold to the “Resignationist” theory.  Why?  Because there were those in the 1970s who held that the true pope was being held in a dungeon and that the visible one was an imposter; Archbishop rejected this.  Is Father really comparing a public act on the part of Benedict XVI, which is available for everybody to read and in which he clearly retained the office, to some conspiracy theory and then using that poor comparison as a ground for why Archbishop Lefebvre would surely reject the “Resignationist” theory?  That’s not very convincing!

The reality is that Benedict XVI is the true pope. Father needs to accept that, and so does the rest of the Catholic Resistance.

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