The Catacombs Forum Should Change Its Name to The Chicken’s Forum

The Administrator at The Catacombs Forum keeps taking cheap shots at the “Resignationist” position but denies debate.  The name of the forum should change to The Chicken’s Forum.

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  1. ”How can anybody imagine that we could abandon Tradition – which today brings forth, as it always has done, many holy vocations – in favor of novelties which produce none but bitter fruit, stifling souls and spreading only blasphemies and desecrations?

    How could we state that we were wrong to maintain Tradition and to refuse to participate in the “self-destruction of the Church”? If our seminaries are praiseworthy it is precisely because they reject novelties. Furthermore, diocesan seminaries can be considered as sound to the extent that they distance themselves from these novelties.”
    -This is an excerpt from a Letter of Mgr. Lefebvre to Cardinal Palazzini
    14 September 1980

    My first comment is that our Archbishop LeFebvre is a truly holy man of his times and indeed for our times.

    The Archbishop’s words are a source of great strength in our times because I have gained so much from looking into his analyses pertaining to the institutional church, the Faith, and so forth; however, I have come to realize that the words of Archbishop LeFebvre have been used in manipulative ways.
    What I mean by this is that those who believe that bergoglio is the pope have omitted many critical words of our saintly Archbishop LeFebvre. This seems to have become a standard method of operation at times. I ,for one, have been misled by this, and this tactic is used for purposes of gain, the furtherance of agenda, and, in addition, influence. This is especially true by those who have betrayed their founder and many traditional Catholics also.
    THANKS BE TO GOD, now that I have realized that it is expedient to seek out His Excellency Archbishop Lefebvre’s true words as they relate to the pope, papacy, and institutional church, etc. And then quite another story emerges. This story as we can come to conclude relates TRUTH and therefore the propaganda can be sorted out.
    In this excerpt above, the novelties spoken of by Archbishop LeFebvre provide proof to me that those who accept jorge bergoglio have also embraced novelties including two popes, wanton destruction of the institutional church; the words apostasy and heresy are forbidden to be used and yet Archbishop LeFebvre spoke them in TRUTH. We have been suject to be admonished by those who clearly do not have the authority to admonish. The hypocrisy is evident to at least some I hope.
    Father Kramer has been accused of not having the authority for his position that jorge bergoglio is a counterfeit pope and his new book, ”To Deceive The Elect”, is being disparaged and belittled and sometimes by those who give no evidence whatsoever to prove their accusations.
    Father Kramer is being ridiculed as being of the ”conciliar church”, and so forth and so on.
    In fact, as the actual words of Archbishop LeFebvre stated above are, ”Furthermore, diocesan seminaries can be considered as sound to the extent that they distance themselves from these novelties.” I would like to point out that Father Kramer has worthily and without doubt distanced himself from the conciliar church of novelties.
    Watch out, however, for the novelties of those who seek to control and manipulate traditional Catholics. We can recognize them by the novelties. It has become clearer and clearer that placing traditional Catholics into false categories such as true resistance, false resistance, those of the resignationist theory, etc. is a reprehensible bunch of novelties.
    Who with sound reasoning would ever want to use these labels against traditional Catholics as they continue their claims to be following Archbishop LeFebvre. These names for traditional Catholics have
    been destructive, and they are being used as weapons by traditional Catholics against traditional Catholics; please show me where, when, and how Archbishop Lefebvre used them. When these kinds of seeds have been sown, they have only served up much bitter fruit.

    God has blessed us to have the words of Archbishop Lefebvre who taught and exhorted us to be faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ and members of His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic CHURCH.
    I have found that the Archbishop’s words are a guiding light, and we can draw on them, recognize the machinations of those who seek to destroy the Church in Rome and throughout the world, or to also identify those who choose to manipulate or diminish other traditional Catholics who desire to be edified in and with the TRUTH as it pertains to the salvation of our souls today.


  2. This sweet picture of jorge bergoglio just tickles me. It does, however, make me also ask three questions.
    1. Why is the infamous balcony picture of Cardinal Daneels looking over the spoils, I mean his victims, not presented on this same forum along side this one. As a reminder, Cardinal Daneels boasted in his authorized biography and his interviews that his group whom he and the others called the ”mafia” were the ones who worked to remove Pope Benedict and replace him with jorge bergoglio.
    2. Where are the pictures of the lightening striking the dome following the announcement of Pope Benedict’s resignation.
    3. Did any photos ever come to the light in which bergoglio presented the freemasonic sign upon that same balcony that dreadful day as this was made known by Father Kramer in his interview on ”Caravan to Midnight” .

    As a side note, upon looking at an enlarged version of this picture here, it is interesting that Fidelis likes this. I recall that this person commented on your forum that you, Tony, should ” keep this theory [that BENEDICT XVI IS THE TRUE POPE] private”.

    • Also, the picture of POPE BENEDICT XVI on that same balcony accepting his valid election is missing on that forum.
      As well, they could even put a picture there of Benedict dressed in his papal attire this very same day, January 10, 2020.

      • I remember years ago that it was said that Benedict XVI alleged used the excuse that he didn’t have any other attire and that is why he dressed as pope. To think that excuse is still valid seven years later is laughable. Benedict XVI is the true pope!

        • In today’s daily episode of ”As the Church and world Crumbles”, it occurs to me that I can never TRUST too much nor have too much FAITH in our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST and our LADY Who is QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. I am most biased in this certainty, and I encourage you and all to follow the revelations given to us by CHRIST our KING and MARY our QUEEN by first and foremost praying the daily ROSARY and wearing the BROWN SCAPULAR.
          Our QUEEN revealed that Rome would be the seat of the antichrist. Our LORD JESUS AND BLESSED MOTHER revealed and warned us beforehand of all that is unfolding before our very eyes.


  3. Mr. LaRosa, I want to thank you for this information and your valiant efforts to provide the TRUTH. You are a soldier in the army of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blesssed Mother Mary. The battle to save our souls is served well for your choosing to fight for the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH AND FAITH of all times as handed down to us through the ages.

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