The Illogic of Accepting a Doubtful Pope as True Pope

There are Catholics who claim that the Novus Ordo Rites of the sacraments are at least doubtfully1 valid.  Whether due to the matter, form, minister, and/or intention, they advise us to stay away.  However, what these same Catholics don’t do is apply their reasoning to the man they accept as pope, Jorge Bergoglio.  In this, they are being illogical.  Let me explain.

In order for a man elected by the cardinals to be invested with the full powers given by Jesus Christ to the office of the papacy, he must be a valid bishop.  The pope, by definition, is the Bishop of Rome.  In the case of Jorge Bergoglio, he was consecrated a bishop in the Novus Ordo Rite.  Therefore, for those Catholics who claim that the Novus Ordo Rites are at least doubtfully valid, they must hold Jorge Bergoglio as a doubtful pope.  Here is the reasoning in syllogistic format:

Every true pope is a validly consecrated bishop.
But Jorge Bergoglio, elected by the cardinals in 2013, is doubtfully a validly consecrated bishop.
Therefore, Jorge Bergoglio is doubtfully a true pope.

The conclusion necessarily follows from the premises.  However, many implicitly reason like this:

Every true pope is a validly consecrated bishop.
But Jorge Bergoglio, elected by the cardinals in 2013, is doubtfully a validly consecrated bishop.
Therefore, Jorge Bergoglio is certainly a true pope.

Do you see the logical error?  The conclusion can never be more certain than the least certain premise.  Nevertheless, this is how they reason!  No.  They cannot have their cake and eat it too.  They must properly reason and then be honest and admit, “Jorge Bergoglio is a doubtful true pope.”2 They cannot even claim that it is their opinion that Jorge Bergoglio is a true pope.

What must they do, then?  Well, if they sincerely believe that Jorge Bergoglio was validly elected, then they should demand that he be consecrated in the Traditional Rite.  Until then, they should withhold their submission to him.  Otherwise, they would not be certain that anything he does in the exercise of papal or episcopal power would be valid.  However, the thing they must absolutely not do is speak and act like they are certain that he has papal jurisdiction over them and all other Catholics.

  1. We are speaking here about positive doubt and not negative doubt.  See here for further information.
  2. They must admit the same of Benedict XVI.

6 thoughts on “The Illogic of Accepting a Doubtful Pope as True Pope”

  1. This blows a hole in Benedict being pope because he was consecrated a bishop in May 1977 … with the new rite. So by your “logic” … sede vacante.

    • First of all, where did I say that I hold that the New Rite of Episcopal Consecration is doubtful? Secondly, your conclusion of “sede vacante” is wrong. You have done the opposite extreme by concluding that “Therefore, Jorge Bergoglio is certainly NOT a true pope”.

        gobbledegook logic and folly reasoning exposes Anonymous.

        Talk about being confounded by the emotionally out of control use of sede vacante labels by those who use the term sede vacante in the most incompetent ways. The lavish label throwers are loosing their minds with their paralyzing fear of sedevacantism as they falsely believe they can catch everyone everywhere with THEIR TERROR of that sedevacantism.
        They must beware of it everywhere even if there is only an itsy bitsy, teeney weeney flavor of it that they can (mis)construe as leading to sedevacantism by that most dreaded logical extension. Everyone (but them) is guilty of sede vacante or at the very least on their way to sedevacantism.
        This, after all, is the only true, logical extension of outcome when anyone and the collective group can no longer think rationally for themselves. The continuous use of labels and name calling leads inevitably toward nonsense because it is based primarily on feelings with an an added spoonful of control and manipulation for good measure.

        Praise, Honor, and Glory to GOD ALONE.

  2. In the interest of explanation regarding the ”RESIGNATIONIST” and ”NON RESIGNATIONIST” positions, the position of those who believe that Benedict XVI remains pope due to his improper, invalid, and uncanonical resignation is actually the ”NON RESIGNATIONIST” position while those who believe that jorge bergoglio is the pope are those who hold the ”RESIGNATIONIST” position which means that they regard that Pope Benedict actually did properly, validly, and canonically resign.
    This seems to be an inverted use of terms that we hear often misapplied.
    If traditional Catholics must label other traditional Catholics, can we at least get the terms correct?
    Thank you for this opportunity to point this out.

  3. Excellent, sound and logical reasoning. Thank you for persevering in the TRUTH and the battle.
    We were looking up information just last week about the same subject. What we learned is that jorge mario bergoglio was consecrated a bishop in May 1992, and he received his episcopal ordination from Cardinal Antonio Quarracino. We did spend some time further looking into the details of the rite used for his consecration, but we have not been able to find this information. It is most likely the new rite, and we have not researched this further as we already understand that jorge bergoglio is a counterfeit pope, and Pope Benedict XVI REMAINS the pope.
    It is astounding the many illogical premises and the undeniable illogical conclusions that too many Catholics have arrived at.
    We also have been rightly taught by someTraditional priests that if there is doubt, we must stay away as pertains to the N.O. Sacraments, new SSPX etc.
    Logically, there is seemingly an ocean full of doubt that bergoglio is pope.
    How is it possible that the overall blindness and deafness to the TRUTH regarding this is being sustained by those who lead and also those who parrot this on to others in otherwise edifying forums and such. These same traditional Catholics have fought so many battles recently, and they should know better. Some have fallen into following the one whom they value as their leader into the depths of illogical reasoning. I have come to see that there is a good deal of emotional attachment to priests and that has been the reason that many conciliar Catholics have been stripped of their faith along with their right reason and right judgement.
    I believe in God, the Father Almighty and Jesus Christ. His only Begotten Son. . .
    Some are absolutely doubtful about bergoglio, and yet they choose to disconnect the Truth by way of their emotional responses in the matter of recognizing the pope from the antipope of our day. It is not only illogical, but it is also disastrous for the faithful if they continue in this for whatever reasons.
    I will add that God has put forth so much evidence for Catholics to draw from today, and therefore He has made it amply possible to arrive at the logical conclusion and moral certainty that Pope Benedict remains pope.
    Let us not offend God any further because He is already much offended.


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