Fr. David Hewko on the “Non-Resignationist” Theory – January 19, 2020

In the following sermon, Fr. David Hewko again speaks against the “Non-Resignationist” (a commenter on this website corrected pointed out that “Resignationist” should be reserved for those who accept that Benedict XVI validly resigned the papacy) theory. Unfortunately, again, Father condemns it as “absurd” without sufficient evidence.

The first point Father makes is that Benedict XVI recognizes Jorge Bergoglio as pope.  This was already answered in this post:

“The term ‘pope’ as used by Benedict XVI in reference to Jorge Bergoglio needs to be understood in a qualified sense.  Benedict XVI renounced the active exercise of the ministry, that is, the government of the Church.  Meanwhile, he retained the office and the passive exercise of the ministry.  See here for a diagram.  Because he renounced the active exercise of powers that belong to his own office, he calls that person who exercises them ‘pope’.  Big deal.  It is still Benedict XVI who has the charism of infallibility and universal and supreme jurisdiction over the whole Church because these belong to the office.”

The second point Father makes is that Benedict XVI announced publicly that he resigned.  Father fails to qualify what exactly did Benedict XVI publicly renounce.  It was not the office (munus).  Therefore, he remains pope.

Thirdly, Father asks a question, “Would these ‘Resignationists’ be pushing their theory if we had a saintly pope on the throne?”  Father then answers his own question, “They wouldn’t be doing that.”  Well, I cannot speak for others, but I would be doing the same as I am doing now.  Facts are facts, and not even a saint can change that.  Nevertheless, I do not doubt that a saint would study the “resignation” formula of Benedict XVI, see the holes in it, and declare it invalid.

Father concludes that the answer to his own question shows the absurdity of the “Resignationist” theory.  Huh?  How does it show that?

I wish that Father would stop making gratuitous statements and providing empty side arguments.  He needs to carefully read the Declaratio, the only act with juridical force, and finally accept the fact of the matter:  Benedict XVI is the true pope!

The video will automatically start and stop at the relevant section after clicking the “Play” button. The section is 1.2 minutes long.

3 Responses to Fr. David Hewko on the “Non-Resignationist” Theory – January 19, 2020

  1. Let us think optimistically that most, at least, will figure out with logical thinking that it is not the ”RESIGNATIONIST” [ has resigned ] theory that is saying that the ex pope Benedict remains pope, but it is, in fact, that the “Non Resignationist” [ not resigned ] ones who know that POPE BENEDICT REMAINS POPE.
    Thinking has been under attack lately, but I would still like to recommend that Catholics give it their all when attempting to arrive at the TRUTH. Surrendering our personal duty to think logically and rationally is a dangerous idea as we journey in this world toward the goal to save our souls.
    I always make it a point in my daily Rosary to pray to be led every step, moment, and breath to know and to do GOD’S WILL. I know by experience that GOD and our BLESSED MOTHER, MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES answers this prayer.
    I also believe in the enduring words of the saint who told us to “PRAY AS THOUGH EVERYTHING DEPENDED ON GOD. WORK AS THOUGH EVERYTHING DEPENDED ON YOU.”

  2. The first time we heard this sermon and in particular the section you have commented on, we had the same thoughts as you stated here. How can this be a prudential way of dealing with the faithful when the evidence is being severely ignored and greatly omitted. We find this to be a disturbing means of the strategy that has been too often employed. To deter the faithful from seeking the TRUTH according to the evidence boggles the mind, at this point, because there is so much evidence that Pope Benedict remains pope and that Jorge Bergoglio is the counterfeit pope of PROPHECIES, INVALID AND UNCANONICAL ELECTION, AND SO MUCH MORE. One more salient fact is that Pope Benedict’s Conci-LIAR NOVELTY of dividing the papacy is another attempt to enthrone the counterfeit conciliar church. The minds of conciliar Catholics may be on board for this novelty, but Traditional Catholics could never be on board unless they are being misled to give up right thinking and proper reasoning. The evidence has absolutely nothing to do with feelings or simply repeating the same opinions and adding some complacent analogies. The evidence is readily available to all who seek to find the TRUTH.
    May God’s Will be made fully manifest to all that Pope Benedict XVI remains pope.

    • There are some who argue that Benedict XVI has intentionally done what he has done in order to entrap the apostates. We shall see.

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