Ambrose Moran Declares Again that Fr. David Hewko Is Self-Excommunicated

Ambrose Moran declares again that Fr. David Hewko is self-excommunicated.

I have this one question for him:

If you were consecrated twice in 1976, once by Cardinal Slipy and once by Bishop Hryhorij, why did you present yourself as “Father” Basil Moran to Bishop Isidore Borecky in this 1980 letter?

It is very strange to present yourself as “Father” in 1980, four years after your two consecrations, and to a bishop who you claim, via this certificate, was one of your consecrators!

4 thoughts on “Ambrose Moran Declares Again that Fr. David Hewko Is Self-Excommunicated”

  1. We are wondering why moran is coming out again to proclaim this lie regarding the excommunication.
    Is it possible that his motive is based on something or someone who is underlying in this.

  2. Don’t you just love it when God’s Will is to confound a scoundrel and make him trip himself up and reveal himself by his own claims!


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