We Cannot Wait for a Future Pope to Resolve the Current “Two” Pope Situation

In the following section of this talk, Fr. Paul Kramer rightly explains that we cannot wait for a future pope to resolve the current “two” pope situation.  It must be resolved now!

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Don Minutella Acknowledges Benedict XVI as the True Pope

Don Minutella, who was “excommunicated” last year by his bishop, acknowledges that Benedict XVI is the true pope. This is in Italian. I apologize to the non-Italian speakers, but this talk was too good to ignore.

It is so sad to see that many in the conciliar church are waking up to the truth in this matter. Meanwhile, we have the Catholic Resistance, who are supposed to be the cream of the crop, continue to accept Jorge Bergoglio as the true pope. I do not doubt that even if Jorge Bergoglio were to publicly perform a black mass, many in the Catholic Resistance would still acknowledge him as the true pope. This is how brainwashed they have become!