1 thought on “The Patria Podcast: The Resignation of Benedict XVI”

  1. This podcast reviews everything that one needs to know regarding the TRUTH that Pope Benedict XVI is the one and only true pope while it presents the background information regarding Pope Benedicts’s abdication of only the ministry while he clearly chose to retain the office/munus.

    Everything Lou Verrechio presents is the evidence for what led up to the present situation in the papacy.

    Even though Lou does not go into detail regarding the canon laws, the listener comes away with the time line information that leads to the inevitable and objective preponderance of the evidence that Pope Benedict did indeed “flee for fear of the wolves”.

    Therefore, any person with right reason, right judgement, and a properly formed sensus Catholicus would easily arrive at the TRUTH that jorge bergoglio is a counterfeit pope. The evidence provided in this podcast exposes with certainty that which is the underlying plan which has been carried out by the forces of darkness of those world wide and Vatican instruments who are the minions of satan.


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