Bishop Joseph Pfeiffer Is Definitely No Longer Part of the True Resistance

It comes as no surprise to me that Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer had himself consecrated to the episcopacy.  Since 2013, he had been seeking a bishop to ordain his seminarians.  This led to the fiasco of Ambrose Moran in 2015 and then the return of Ambrose Moran in 2018, culminating in what seems to be at this time a permanent separation from Ambrose Moran.  When Fr. Pfeiffer brought back Ambrose Moran to the scene in 2018, it was the final straw for me after returning to Fr. Pfeiffer with the hope that he would no longer seek the assistance of Ambrose Moran.  I knew at that point that I could no longer place my trust in Fr. Pfeiffer.  I tried to warn others of the same, but unfortunately very few listened.  It was not until February 2019 that a good chunk of the faithful left Fr. Pfeiffer with the departure of Fr. David Hewko.  Nevertheless, many of the faithful still remained with Fr. Pfeiffer.  In August of 2019, I wrote a post explaining why I no longer considered Fr. Pfeiffer to be part of the True Resistance, which is in line with the Catholic Faith and positions of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  I tried to convince those faithful that remained with Fr. Pfeiffer even after Fr. Hewko’s departure that this was indeed the case.  They refused to listen.

Recently, Fr. Pfeiffer had himself consecrated to the episcopacy by Bishop Neal Webster, a Sedevacantist and believer in the doctrinal errors of Fr. Leonard Feeney.  Let us take a look again at the principles of the True Resistance, as posted in August 2019, that were again contravened by this recent act of Fr. Pfeiffer:

  1. A sacrament ought not to be allowed to be administered or be received without a moral certitude regarding the validity of that sacrament and that the one administering the sacrament is faithful to Catholic Tradition and the line of Archbishop Lefebvre, except in circumstances where the Catholic Church has allowed it otherwise (e.g., receiving the Sacrament of Penance by a heretical priest due to an emergency).
  2. One ought not to unite in worship in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with a priest or bishop who holds to error or is silent on error (see In Defence of the Red Light Position,  which was approved by Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko at the time).
  3. One ought not to engage in tradecumenism (see a sermon on this topic here).

Placing aside doubts that some have regarding the validity of the consecration, if any of Fr. Pfeiffer’s faithful today still hold that Fr. Pfeiffer is part of the True Resistance, I have a bridge to sell you on the moon.  Please jump ship while you still can.  This needs to be seen as another wake-up call of grace that the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary is not blessed by Our Lady.

Please pray for Fr. Pfeiffer, the seminarians, and the faithful that they will turn from their path of spiritual ruin.

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