The Resistance Adhere to an Error of Russia: Schism

Most often when we hear about the errors of Russia we think of communism.  However, there is an error that Russia has carried for one millennium: schism.  It is this error, albeit not in the same way, that the Resistance (i.e., those that oppose the changes made by Bishop Fellay and the superiors of the neo-SSPX) has adopted since 2013 when Jorge Bergoglio was allegedly elected to the papacy.  This is because Jorge Bergoglio is not and never was pope.  Benedict XVI has been the true pope since 2005.  Nevertheless, the Resistance priests and faithful (not all of them), over seven years later, continue to hold Jorge Bergoglio as pope despite the sufficient evidence to the contrary.  It is ironic that they pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; yet, they themselves hold to an error from which they ask Our Lady Russia be converted.

Dear Resistance, please:


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