1 thought on “Astrophysicist Proves that the Miracle of Fatima Is Scientifically Verifiable”

  1. The Blessed Virgin Mary came to Fatima, Portugal for six months in MAY THROUGH OCTOBER 1917.

    Mary predicted the MIRACLE OF THE SUN and provided other important messages to three young children whom she appeared to at Fatima.
    MARY warned the world of the upcoming COMMUNISM throughout the world in subsequent messages to Lucia, the replacement OF GOD’S WAYS and GOD’S LAWS with those of satan, and the need for people to save their souls because satan’s battle is being waged in order to make souls choose hell for all eternity, and much more. 
    Mary also prophesied World War 2, and the sign to know exactly when it would begin; and so all HER PROPHECIES HAVE COME TO BE FULFILLED with a few dire ones yet to come and a BEAUTIFUL PROMISE OF RESTORATION OF THE FAITH throughout the ENTIRE WORLD which is yet to come.

    The hope and the promise that the MOTHER OF GOD gave will also be fulfilled when enough people repent of sin, obey GOD and turn back to GOD’S WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE- in other words by turning back and living in obedience to the TRUTHS OF FAITH which include……..

    The so called Catholic Church today is a counterfeit church with a counterfeit as pope who is jorge bergoglio.  The true pope is Pope Benedict XVI who was forced out and never validly resigned.

    Until GOD is obeyed in and with HIS PLAN that the TRUE POPE ALONG WITH THE TRUE BISHOPS of the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH obey by CONSECRATING RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, the world will continue on the path with more and more evil prevailing as we are now witnessing according to the satanic forces and events that are gripping the entire world.

    When people turn back to GOD, JESUS intends to have HIS MOTHER HONORED, as SHE WILL TRIUMPH OVER satan. The minions / children of satan will be stopped, and the world will be given a period of true peace by GOD in HIS PERFECT PLAN for mankind. 

    We understand that what is presented in this book is the scientific view of PROOF OF THE MIRACLE OF THE SUN which THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY prophesied 3 months in advance. 



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