Henry V’s Manifesto of July 5, 1871

According to Marie-Julie Jahenny, Henry V was the Great Monarch chosen by Our Lord to lead France in the 19th century.  Henry V was offered the title of King of France with one of the conditions being that he accept the tri-colour flag as that of France.  Henry V refused because he did not want to give any credence to the evil French Revolution of 1789.  Now that is a king!

Here is Henry V’s Manifesto of July 5, 1871:

This is taken from the July 10, 1871 Issue of Western Mail.

See this post for a background.

That It Is Heresy to Say that the Papal Primacy Can Be Separated from the Bishopric of Rome

I published two posts on this website that promoted as tenable the thesis of Dr. Edmund Razza that Pope Benedict XVI separated himself from being the Bishop of Rome but not the pope of the Catholic Church.  However, Br. Alexis Bugnolo makes a convincing argument in the linked post below that this thesis is heretical.  Therefore, I have removed the two posts and retract my promotion of Dr. Edmund Razza’s thesis.

That it is heresy to say that the Papal Primacy can be separated from the Bishopric of Rome