Greek Orthodox Sect Decides that “Roman Catholic Church” Is Heretical

In a recent synod of the Green Orthodox sect, a decision was reached that the “Roman Catholic Church” is heretical.  Of course, it has mistaken the “conciliar church” for the Roman Catholic Church.  The former is indeed heretical, but the latter is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ.  Nevertheless, the Greek Orthodox sect must come to realize that it itself is  heretical and schismatic and must return to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church if its members value their salvation.


So much for conciliar ecumenism!

Testimony about the Content of the Third Secret of Fatima

I wish you all a blessed day on this Feast of Pentecost.


Dr. Maike Hickson of the website OnePeterFive published today that she had a conversation this very day with a long-time priest friend, Fr. Ingo Dollinger, of the former Pope Benedict XVI in which the priest revealed to Dr. Hickson that the then Cardinal Ratzinger revealed to him that the content of the Third Secret of Fatima (i.e., the portion not revealed in the 2000) speaks about a “a bad council and a bad Mass”.  Since Our Lady requested that the pope reveal the Third Secret by 1960 (which Pope John XXIII did NOT do), there is no doubt that She was speaking about the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass.


This testimony on the part of Dr. Hickson corroborates the testimony of Fr. Paul Kramer to whom the same Fr. Dollinger revealed the same thing.  Each testimony can be found at these respective links:


The Second Vatican Council and the New Mass are not the work of the Holy Ghost but of the devil and his minions.  Hence, we have a moral obligation to reject them both.

Bishop Williamson Refuses to Commit Himself on Proposition regarding the New Mass

In the April 2016 issue of the Catholic Candle, there is an article (see p. 3) in which the author poses the following proposition to several Resistance bishops and priests:


“No one should ever attend the new mass because it is inherently evil.”


The author requested an affirmation of agreement to this proposition.  One would think that a Resistance bishop or priest would have no problem agreeing to this proposition.  After all, opposing the New Mass is a central issue in our fight for the preservation of Catholic Tradition.  Unfortunately, though, His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson responded refusing to take a stand one way or the other.  He would not commit himself.  This is very disappointing.  His Excellency had an opportunity here to give us hope that he had reversed the bad advice he gave to the lady in Mahopac, NY, in which he basically told her that she could continue attending the New Mass given her circumstances.  However, it did not happen. Instead, we are left scratching our heads on how a Resistance bishop can possibly refuse to affirm such a basic proposition.


Let us recall that in the past His Excellency had no problem publicly saying things such as the New Mass is “illicit in any case”, that it is “intrinsically evil”, and that “one may not attend a valid, illicit Mass anymore than a Satanic Mass”.  Let us also recall that His Excellency, as seminary rector, required the Declaration of Fidelity to the Position of the Society of St. Pius X to be signed by seminarians in the United States and Argentina prior to them being ordained to the subdiaconate.  Part of the Declaration states that “the new rite is in itself bad” and consequently that “I shall never advise anyone in a positive manner to take an active part in such a Mass.”  The proposition above simply falls in line with the Declaration and yet His Excellency would not commit himself to it.  This is definitely very concerning for the followers of Archbishop Lefebvre who are witnessing one of his spiritual sons wavering on such a fundamental issue as the New Mass.


Let us pray for His Excellency that he returns to publicly denouncing the New Mass as clearly and forcefully as he has publicly done in the past.