Question Directed to Fr. Pfeiffer and/or OLMC Supporters regarding the Validity of Ambrose Moran’s Episcopal Consecration

In the conference linked below, Fr. Pfeiffer said that he visited again the cathedral in Chicago in January 2019 where Ambrose Moran was allegedly consecrated a bishop in 1976 and spoke to the same Orthodox priest he spoke to in October 2015. This time Fr. Pfeiffer got the runaround which caused his certainty about the 1976 consecration to become a doubt. This doubt caused Fr. Pfeiffer to “can” Ambrose Moran.  Despite this, Fr. Pfeiffer still states that Ambrose Moran is a valid bishop.  My question is:

Considering that Ambrose Moran’s alleged 1976 consecration is now doubtful in Fr. Pfeiffer’s mind and considering that Ambrose Moran’s alleged consecration by Cardinal Slipyj is even more doubtful in Fr. Pfeiffer’s mind, then what are the grounds for Fr. Pfeiffer still accepting Ambrose Moran as a valid bishop?

This is an important question because recently some of Fr. Pfeiffer’s faithful invited Ambrose Moran to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. See the link below the conference. They were obviously influenced by Fr. Pfeiffer’s insistence that Ambrose Moran is a valid bishop.