Antipope Jorge Bergoglio and the Tridentine Rite

How much more evidence do you need, Catholic Resistance clergy and faithful, for you to acknowledge that Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope. The true pope is Benedict XVI!

BREAKING: Bergoglio “abrogates” the TLM itself!

Antipope usurper apostate and likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist devoid of authority declares war on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, attempts to trick the world into believing that Summorum Pontificum is abolished. Tell me again how the identity of the Vicar of Christ on earth “doesn’t matter”…

Antipope Bergoglio “abolishes” the Venerable Rite of Pius V in Article I of his document – which is further proof-positive he isn’t the Pope. Quo Primum is explicit: the Pian Rite CAN NEVER be abolished.

Vox Cantoris Publicly Accepts Benedict XVI as the Vicar of Christ!

Vox Cantoris of Toronto publicly accepts Benedict XVI as the Vicar of Christ!  Deo gratias!

However, please take note that there are some who say that the Bishopric of Rome cannot be separated from the papal primacy, and that it is heresy to say otherwise. This is food for thought: