An Act of Schism

Friends, I urge you to take seriously the case of whether Jorge Bergoglio or Benedict XVI is pope because adhering to the wrong person as pope is an act of schism.  It is a material act of schism if one is not aware of the truth of who is pope and yet innocently adheres to Jorge Bergoglio as pope because of the general consensus.  It is a formal act of schism if one’s intellect arrives at the judgement that Benedict XVI is the true pope, but his will nonetheless refuses to adhere to that judgement.

For those who choose to ignore this issue, you do so at your own risk.  I would not want to be found wanting because of culpable ignorance.

The following are some sources to help you come to the truth that Benedict XVI is the pope:

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Another Representation of What Pope Benedict XVI Actually Renounced

This is taken from an article written by Fr. Roberto Abdicto (pseudonym) titled “Between De Mattei and Socci:  Analysis of Benedict’s Latin Renunciation Text and Parts of Dom Gänswein’s 20 May 2016 Speech; In Reply to the Article in CFN Entitled de Mattei vs. Socci”.  It closely resembles what I wrote in my paper and diagram.

If you would like a copy of the full article and/or a book by the same author titled “Apologia Pro Benedicto Decimo Sexto: Why Benedict Is Still Pope; A Manifestation of the Indefectibility of the Catholic Church”, please e-mail me at

The Invalidity of Benedict XVI’s Resignation in Syllogistic Format

For a papal resignation to be valid, the pope must renounce his office (munus).
But in his Declaratio of resignation Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce his office (munus).
Therefore, Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was not valid.

Proof of the major
Canon 332 Section 2 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law states the following:

“Should it happen that the Roman Pontiff resigns from his office, it is required for validity that the resignation be freely made and properly manifested, but it is not necessary that it be accepted by anyone.”

Proof of the minor
In his Declaratio, Pope Benedict XVI stated:

“I renounce the ministry…..”

The office of the papacy and the ministry of the papacy are not the same thing.  The office is the soul of the papacy.  The ministry is the active exercise of the powers of the office of the papacy,

Out of Line with Archbishop Lefebvre?

I have been accused by a few people that I am no longer in line with Archbishop Lefebvre because I now accept Benedict XVI as the true pope.  Really?  How do they know that Archbishop Lefebvre would undoubtedly accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope?  They make the Archbishop some kind of static character who would always accept the general consensus of who is pope despite evidence to the contrary.  This is a false characterization of the man.  Did the Archbishop accept the general consensus of the Vatican II Council Fathers?  No.  So don’t fall for it if you too accept Benedict XVI as the true pope or are leaning towards this fact.  This is a matter of evidence and the evidence clearly shows that Benedict XVI did not renounce the office (munus).  Therefore, he is still pope.