Benedict XVI: Pope ‘Emeritus’?

I have not read the book referenced in the link below. However, more and more people are speaking out against the anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio. Yet the Resistance, which is supposed to be the cream of the crop, remains complacent in accepting an anti-pope as the head of the Catholic Church.

Resistance, get out of your material schism!

Stickypost: You must buy this AMAZING new book “Benedict XVI: Pope ‘Emeritus’?”

The manifold heresies of Antipope Bergoglio are a proofset of his not being the Vicar of Christ, not the cause of it…..

Wake up, Catholic Resistance, and get out of your material schism!  Benedict XVI is the true pope!

The Freemasonic heretic who continues to enjoy disobedient loyalty from his “definitely pope” adherents… this contradiction cannot stand

Note by Tony La Rosa: I do not know with moral certitude whether Jorge Bergoglio is a freemason, but he doesn’t need to be because his mind and theirs spew out similar ideas.

Who Is Pope?

It is good to see that many are waking up to the FACT that Benedict XVI is the true pope. For those who still accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope, please get out of your material schism.