St. Frances of Rome’s Visions of Hell

A generous soul has translated into English “The Visions of Hell of St. Frances of Rome” from the French booklet that itself was made by taking her visions from the French book set “The Devil in the Lives of the Saints”.  You may download it here.

You may also hear Fr. Hewko’s sermon on these visions here.

Please pray one Hail Mary for this generous soul.

A Council Cannot Judge a Reigning Pope for Heresy

“The heretical absurdity of the opinion that anyone or any power on earth can judge the pope, even for heresy, is made manifest by the consideration that the pope, in virtue of his primacy and infallibility, possesses the supreme jurisdiction and the infallible power to judge all questions of faith and morals – even his own propositions. Hence, the proposition that a council can judge a pope’s doctrine and declare it heretical; and from that premise, that the council could then judge the pope personally guilty of the crime of heresy directly opposes the dogma of pope’s universal primacy of jurisdiction defined in Pastor Æternus.”

Kramer, Paul. To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope (Kindle Locations 2954-2958). Kindle Edition.

The Catacombs Forum Should Change Its Name to The Chicken’s Forum

The Administrator at The Catacombs Forum keeps taking cheap shots at the “Resignationist” position but denies debate.  The name of the forum should change to The Chicken’s Forum.