This question is for those who attended the Masses of Fr. David Hewko before he left the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Boston, Kentucky and stopped doing so immediately afterwards.  Why did you stop attending his Masses?


Be free to write to me at “” or post in the comments section.  I would like to hear your justification.


P.S., Answering by simply stating that he broke with Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer is cultish.

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St. Joseph

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Feast of St. Joseph

19 March 2019

I wish you all a most blessed Feast of St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family, most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and foster father of Our Lord!


St. Joseph, pray for us!


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1. Do 95% of the USA Dioceses recognize that SSPX marriages are regularized?
2. Are all SSPX marriage documents saying they are married, automatically sent to the Diocese within which the marriage takes place, though in an SSPX church or chapel?


While I can’t give a precise percentage of how many dioceses acknowledge SSPX, marriages, the SSPX continues preparing their faithful for marriage as they’ve always done. Ever since the document from the CDF in 2017, the SSPX has contacted the dioceses where marriages are celebrated, seeking delegation for SSPX priests. This takes away any possible doubt about the validity of the marriage and avoids future scenarios where one party (sadly) might decide they have made a mistake…Fortunately, most bishops have been very generous in granting delegation to our priests. As with any Catholic priest, we send a notification to the local diocese after a marriage is witnessed.


James Vogel
Angelus Press
907 E. Jesuit Lane
St. Marys, KS 66536


Published with permission.

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Originally, the following picture was posted on the SSPX U.S.A. website:



Due to the controversy of the women wearing pants, the picture was changed to the following:





No.  Nothing has changed in the SSPX under Bishop Fellay.  Of course not.  Neo-SSPXers, keep repeating this to yourselves.



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A Thought for the Day

12 March 2019


This is taken from the March 1915 Issue of Franciscan Herald.

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Almsgiving during Lent

8 March 2019

Lent is the most perfect time to perform the three eminent works, one of which is almsgiving.  Please consider financially supporting priests of the True Resistance, such as Fr. David Hewko and Fr. Hugo Ruiz.


Fr. David Hewko
PO Box 72
Rossville, KS 66533


Fr. Hugo Ruiz

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Ash Wednesday

6 March 2019

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With Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent coming next week, here you may find ideas for Lenten penances.

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The Unhappy Life of Sinners

24 February 2019

This spiritual reading is taken from “Meditation and Readings of St. Alphonsus de Liguori – Volume II Part I”.





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