Links for Homeschooling Mothers

Below are some links that homeschooling mothers may find interesting. They were sent to us by a Resistance mother in the States. Some of the links include free materials, others must be purchased.
The first website contains absolutely beautiful ideas for Catholic handwriting projects.
Additional ideas:

Prayer for Priests


Prayer Campaign for Priests


We would like to encourage everyone in the Resistance, especially the children, to take to heart the need to pray for our priests. Let us rise to the occasion and let us all make a pledge to daily say the Prayer for Priests and to ask God to bless our priests.


“O Jesus, Eternal High Priest, keep Thy priests within the shelter of Thy Sacred Heart where none may harm them.

Keep unstained their anointed hands which daily touch Thy Sacred Body. Keep pure their lips, daily purpled by Thy Precious Blood.


Keep pure and unworldly their hearts, sealed with the sublime mark of Thy glorious priesthood.
May they grow in love and confidence in Thee, and protect them from the contagion of the world.


With the power of changing bread and wine, grant them also the power of changing hearts.
Bless their labours with abundant fruit and grant them at the last the crown of eternal life.




O Lord grant us priests,
O Lord grant us holy priests,
O Lord grant us many holy priests
O Lord grant us many holy religious vocations. St. Pius X, pray for us.”


Please send your prayer pledges to the Recusant and let us flood Heaven with our prayers.


Please make a special effort to encourage everyone who attends the Resistance Masses to make this pledge.


St. Mary of the Angels Fraternity



Spiritual Bouquet of Actions

A Spiritual Bouquet of Actions


for the Resistance in General
and for Bishop Williamson in Particular


We would like to propose a spiritual bouquet for the constancy and growth of the Resistance in general and for Bishop Richard Williamson in particular. This spiritual bouquet will consist not solely of prayers, though, nor will it have a definite end. It will consist of all the posts we put up on the Christ the King Youth Project, and it will be a perpetual bouquet. We propose that we make a special offering to God of everything that we post–be it a prayer, picture, drawing, painting, article, photo, composition, etc.

We are taking this idea from the words of the Morning Offering prayers, for example, those of the Fatima Morning Offering Prayer (emphasis added):

“O JESUS, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer Thee my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings, all that this day may bring, be they good or bad: for the love of God, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for all the sins committed against the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Everyone–from little children to great, great, great grand-parents–is welcome to participate in this Spiritual Bouquet!

Periodically, we will send the link to the Christ the King Youth Project to His Excellency and to Fathers Pfeiffer and Hewko and other priests of the Resistance.

Those interested in contributing may email their items to:


An Original Poem from a Young Catholic


For sale. 1 toad for sale! 1 toad for sale!

1 prying and pining young croaking toad for sale!

I’m really not kidding, so who’ll he be missing?

Do I hear a cricket? A ripple? A little kissy?

Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there any one fly who will stop on by this old toad for sale,

This prying and pining young toad for sale?


By Christine

A Lenten Poem for Children

Dear God, I wonder, when You climbed
The hill of Calvary—
Where were the children that You used
To take upon Your knee?
Where were they?  In among the
And did they, too, not care
What happened to You God, dear God,
But only came to stare?
Where were the children that You
They do not seem to be
Around as You begin to climb
The hill of Calvary!
O God I wish that I had been
A child that day! I might
Have done some little thing for You
To make the Cross more light!
I might have given You a glass
Of water on the way—
I might have whispered, as You
“I love You so today!”
I might have done this—and yet—O!
Perhaps I would have hid
Among the people and done just
What other children did?


By Mary Dixon Thayer

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Happy St. Valentine's Day


Here also is a recording of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen reciting this poem:





Today Beth visited the immaculately clean, Espinoza Ranch stables where a few horses were being groomed, the tack saddle soaped and silver ornaments polished. It had a nice, fresh smell of drying grass. Beth noticed a beautiful photograph of Isabella when she was quite young, with her father, in their bright Escaramuza costumes. There was another photograph of the girls circling their horses in unison. Isabella appeared from the tack room and smiled. “Hi. You look nice,” she said, noticing Beth’s skirt. Then the girls were off on another adventure. They skipped down to the creek to catch pollywogs.
The path was steep, so they stepped carefully past jutting gray rocks, grasping thick clumps of lush river grass, to keep their balance. It was nice to have a private stretch of creek flowing through the ranch. The water was clear, with pebbles of pale colors-gold, sand and jade green, seen as through an old, wavy pane of glass. Brown marbles with wiggly tails shot from rock shadows across pebbled stream bed.
The girls had brought glass jars with them to capture the skittery amphibians. They took off their sandals and tied their flowing skirts just above their knees at the side. Then they waded in the water and stood still, a short distance from each other. Soon the tadpoles grew brave and swam between the girls. A few nibbled at these strange pillars invading their watery abode.
Beth scooped up a large tadpole. Then Isabella scooped up two small ones. Adding some moss to the jars, the girls replaced the lids, stepped onto the sandy bank, untied their skirts, put on their sandals, and walked home from the willow lined water.
On the way back, Isabella asked, “Did you ask your parents if you could come to Mass with me?” “Yes, and they said I could, just this once,” Beth said. “Oh good,” Isabella beamed. “My father said he could pick you up at your house. We should be there at 9 am tomorrow.
A now tamed (well, half tamed!) Beth, dressed in her little peach colored suit, which her mother had sewn for her, with the slightly puffed sleeved jacket and a soft A-lined skirt. She had a turquoise, silk scarf in a little poof tied at her neck. As they arrived at the pretty church, Isabella brought out a beautiful, lacy, cream colored mantilla and arranged it on Beth’s head with a little white comb. Isabella had a lovely bright white lacy mantilla that fell to her waist, secured with a tortoise shell comb. It complemented her white dress with the pink waist band.
As soon as Beth entered the Church, she noticed everyone dipping their fingers in a little bowl of water, kneeling and making a sort of sign. She wondered what she should do. Mrs. Espinoza whispered, “You are our guest. You are not expected to do anything but sit and listen”. It smelled nice in the church. The chanting was comforting. A soft glow seemed to radiate throughout that place. Beth grew quite comfortable, enjoying the music and strange words for a time.
All of a sudden, the row of people in front of her got up and started leaving! Then the Espinoza family, filling the row, stood up. Beth wondered where everyone was going and stood up to follow. Mrs. Espinoza leaned over and whispered gently and kindly, “No, Beth. You may not come with us. We are going up to the Altar and only Catholics may come”. Beth felt very deserted and flushed with embarrassment. Noticing Beth’s look of consternation, Mrs. Espinoza whispered, “Don’t worry. We will come back in a few minutes. We won’t leave you alone.”
Beth sat down. The pew was now empty. She felt so alone! “Strange,” she thought, “I usually like being alone.” She looked past the rows of people in the pews in front of her, but she couldn’t see Isabella or her family. She longed to be with them and had never felt such a deep longing before. What were they going to this “Altar” for? What was there? She sighed, resigned to just wait and not be foolish. It was only a short wait.
She closed her eyes, deciding to just enjoy the atmosphere. As she opened her eyes and gazed, she saw the most beautiful stained glass window past many glowing candles. She had not noticed the candles and window before. Now two figures seemed to come out of the most brilliant ultramarine blue and ruby red glass panels. A man seen from the waist up with a beard and long brown hair and soft brown eyes, seemed to move forward, like a royal, living person. A red glow seemed to move and pulsate in his chest, beating, very etheric and pure A lady was beside him, resembling the man somewhat in features, yet softer and very womanly and as a gracious, kind yet noble lady. She too moved forward, beside and with him, as a living person, also with a glowing red pulsar at her chest. Colors of blue, gold and ruby with turquoise, little flames of yellow and other glints of color animated the scene. It was the most remarkable stained glass window Beth had ever seen. She wondered if these were Saints.
Then the Espinoza family filed back. Beth hardly noticed them and sat in a golden, rosy glow until it was time to leave. As they started to leave the pew, towards the back entrance, Beth wanted terribly to see the stained glass window close up. She suddenly turned away from the family and, against all the people leaving the church, she weaved past them to a railing. She looked intently, but she did not see the window! She only saw a white wall past ordinary candles on a rather ordinary shelf. They must have extinguished the other candles and taken them away. “So quickly!” thought Beth. She looked to the left. Maybe it was in a side aisle and was reflected at the back which would explain its motion on the wall.
Isabella was right after her and took her by the hand, firmly. “What are you doing? We leave by the same way we came in!” Beth said, “I’m looking for the stained glass window. It’s so beautiful. Where is it?” Isabella just looked at her, incredulous. “It must be in the side aisle and reflected on the wall. Where is the entrance to the side aisle? There must be pillars there to go past. Where are the pillars? The people must be covering them, there are so many people.” Isabella said very firmly, “There is no side aisle! There is no stained glass window reflecting on the wall behind the altar!” Come on with me! She held Beth’s hand very strongly and pulled her puzzled friend out of the church.
Back at Isabella’s home, refreshments were served. Beth wandered into Isabella’s room, still wondering that no one knew where the stained glass window was. Then she saw a small card, flat, on Isabella’s dresser. It looked kind of like the two people in the window, but very painted, pale and pasty. Hardly real at all.
Isabella came in with a stern look on her face and sat on her ruffled bed under the canopy. “Now,” she said, “tell me exactly what you saw!” When Beth described the two people, Isabella’s eyes expanded into shock, then grew moist, tears forming in big droplets, falling on her flushed cheeks. “Mama!” she cried out, running from the room. Beth looked in wonderment after her friend. What did she do wrong? She heard Isabella down the hall, crying with anger. She had never seen her friend angry before, not ever! Not composed Isabella! Isabella cried out to her mother, “How can she see Them? Why her? I pray every day to Our Lady, longing for Her to appear to me! She’s never even been to Mass before and She appears to her with Him!!” Sobs followed. Beth was so sad. She was so sad for her friend, tears formed. She must have done a terrible thing. She still felt that gold glow, but was hurting for her friend and quite confused.
She heard Mamacita speaking softly to Isabella. Soon Isabella stopped crying. She spoke softly to her mother. Then she walked slowly into her bedroom where Beth was sitting on the vanity chair. Beth said, “I’m so sorry I ran to the altar and that you didn’t see the stained glass. Maybe we should go back to the church and look for it.” Isabella smiled understandingly. She said, “No, Beth. It was a vision of Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady Mary and their Sacred and Immaculate Hearts and it was meant for you. I did not have it because I have Mass every Sunday, every day if I like, and my Rosary. You don’t have these things so you need this vision to be with you until you can. I’m happy that you have it.”
Beth felt very relieved. Then Mrs. Espinoza came in and asked Beth to tell her what she saw. Beth did and Mrs. Espinoza said, “Well, Beth, I feel that it will be a long time for you because of your circumstances. Your parents have only allowed you one Mass and you must obey your parents. However,” and then Mrs. Espinoza looked very seriously into Beth’s eyes, “Our Lady Always Triumphs!”
It seemed as if these words seared an indelible impression into Beth’s heart and she treasured them, remembering a distant sentence heard as a small child. Mary had kept things secret in her own heart. She would keep this a secret in hers. Then she got up and everything was normal. Yet, she always remembered this vision when life’s troubles came and it always calmed her.
To be continued….
God bless,

Photo #1 Escaramuza father-daughter. #2 Escaramuza #3 Veils #4 Latin Mass.



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