In a sermon given by Fr. David Hewko on Sunday September 1, 2013 he tells us that we ought not to go anymore to SSPX Masses because the neo-SSPX has compromised.  Here is the relevant extract from that sermon (left click to the left of the 00:00 marker to play) along with a downloadable mp3.



Fr. David Hewko Sermon Extract – Sept. 1, 2013


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Happy Feast Day !


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In a conference given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer on Saturday August 31, 2013 in Levis, Quebec, he explains again and in a bit more detail how the first condition, officially determined by the 2012 SSPX General Chapter as essential prior to a canonical regularization, offends the Faith and is therefore morally unacceptable.  The relevant extract (14 min 0 s to 17 min 50 s) of that conference is below.


Two previous postings on this matter are here and here.


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Quebec provides a sermon and a conference by Fr Pfeiffer:


Saturday’s conference:


Sunday’s sermon:


And Father Girouard has updated his site with an editorial and a sermon:

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Here is a sermon given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer on August 25, 2013 in Danbury, Connecticut.  Father speaks about the evil of remaining silent in the face of evil.  This is a good sermon for SSPX priests to listen to since most of them have remained silent in the face of the evil against Catholic Tradition propagated by Bishop Fellay and the SSPX superiors.


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Warning, people under 45 may not understand.
Remember that this is all in fun, which is very Catholic.


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The article is here:

and is reproduced here:

The Angelus Press Blog article says:

“The acronym GREC is French in origin. Its meaning in English translation is a study group for Catholics.

A book published fairly recently in France by Nouvelles Editions Latines traces the origins and development and topics discussed in the study sessions between Traditional and Conciliar Catholics. The text was written by a French priest, Fr. Michel Lelong, and contains many contributions by other participants.”

However, the Angelus Press Blog does not give the title of the book, Pour la necessaire reconciliation.

In other words, GREC is not just any study group, it was designed to get the SSPX regularized with concilliar Rome. As the Angelus Press Blog article said “When the official discussions began between the Roman theologians and those of the Society, the GREC meetings no longer served any useful function, and so ended towards the end of 2011.”

This implies that the study group is benign, so there is no real need to read the book, and since the discussions with Rome were held, GREC was disbanded and is no longer relevant. However, this merely reproduces the argument that since there is no agreement, we have no concern. It supports the new direction of the Neo-SSPX, but we are asked to look the other way.

For more information about GREC, see

For your reading pleasure, you might like to review this list of books by Fr. Michel Lelong:

De la priere du Christ au message du Coran

Deux fidélités, une espérance

J’ai rencontre l’Islam – Preface par Ali Merad

Prêtre de Jésus-Christ parmi les musulmans : Mémoires [Broché]

L’Islam et L’occide

Jean Paul II et L’islam

L’Eglise catholique et l’islam

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In a conference given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer on August 14, 2013 in Veneta, Oregon, he elaborates on the topic of continued attendance at Masses offered by priests of the SSPX.  The SSPX is dead because its principles have moved away from Catholic Tradition.  This places the SSPX in the same theological boat as the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) in that one error in principle makes a group pseudo-Traditional.  Therefore, objectively speaking, we should no longer be attending SSPX Masses.  The faithful do come to this understanding at different times, but it is true in reality nonetheless.  Here is the relevant extract of that conference (left click to the left of the 00:00 marker to play):


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Due to a computer error, our original post is lost.


This replacement post contains a link to a file containing his story with the preface and footnotes added.




Father Francis McSpiritt


An account of his life can be found here:  macdonell full

The posted article on Father’s life was in a book written by an Orangeman, but as the author stated, this gives an unbiased account. Given the numerous miracles described, I wonder how many more a Catholic might have described.

Interesting also that the local Bishop asked him to stop the miracles so as not to offend Protestants, and when Father continued, he was re-assigned to a more remote parish – sound familiar?

Father had a reputation for sticking to spiritual matters and avoiding much of earthly pleasures. Human respect was not a failing of his.

He did cure Protestants, but sometimes did assign a penance of joining the Church.

The anniversary of his death is August 14th and would be a good date for a pilgrimmage. In 2013, my wife, daughter and a family friend visited his gravesite. Nothing was planned by the local parish, and there was no evidence of other visitors.

His gravesite can be found here:  MW Grave Site

and looks like this:




Perhaps readers who are not in the area can make a spiritual visit.

If Fr McSpiritt were alive today, I think the Resistance would have another priest.


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Father Chazal gives a conference in India, mentions the state of the Resistance, discusses how the hybrid Mass will be introduced in Germany and the possibility of two more priests from the Phillipines.


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