Baptismal Exorcisms

Here is a picture of Fr. Hewko on Pentecost Sunday , giving the 5 exorcisms to a parishioner in the US that are normally given at Baptism. She was originally baptized in the Novus Ordo and and her good mother realized this past week while present at a traditional Catholic Baptism (also by Fr. Hewko) that her daughter never received these in the N.O. She asked Father if it was appropriate for her have them now, at the age of nine. He stated that it was acceptable and agreed to perform the prayers of that portion of Baptism for her on Pentacost Sunday, good priest that he is.

Catholic Prophecy Timeline

Fellow Resistor Eric Gajewki at TradCatKnight provides the timeline below on what is to happen in the near future and the sequence of events.  I believe it accurately represents what has been prophesied in snippets by various saints and seers throughout history.  Note that the antichrist does not come to power until after the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima.  This is contrary to the claim of many Protestants and even Catholics that the antichrist is just around the corner.


It will be for Our Lady to crush the head of satan and usher in the Era of Peace; it will be for Our Lord to deal the final blow at the Second Coming.



Archbishop LeFebvre Forums 2.0

For those who frequent forums, this may be of interest.  For some reason the old Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Forum has been halted, at least temporarily.  However, there is a new forum along the same lines started by a poster who goes by the name of Tradfly.  Here is the link:


Another solid Resistance forum is Cor Marie, which can be found at this link:

Pope Francis’ New Encyclical on the Environment and St. Francis of Assisi

It was announced today by the Holy See Press Office that Pope Francis’ anticipated encyclical on the environment will be made public on Thursday June 18, 2015 during a press conference.  The title of the encyclical is “Laudato Si”.  This title is taken from the “Canticle of the Sun” composed by St. Francis of Assisi.  Make no mistake about; St. Francis would not want to be associated with this abominable encyclical!  And if this encyclical contains the thesis that climate change is caused by man, don’t believe it!


I believe that this encyclical is a major step towards trying to unite mankind under a one world religion and one world government.  Note in the Holy See Press Office bulletin linked above that one of the speakers will be a schismatic Orthodox bishop.


Pope Francis is planning to address the U.S Congress on September 24, 2015 and then the United Nations the following day.  I am sure this encyclical will form part of those addresses.


Warn your family and friends not to believe the falsehoods!

Urgent Prayer Request

We have received an urgent prayer request for a child in the Connecticut Resistance. Emma is 5 years old and suffers from Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). It is a rare disorder affecting the immune system, which results in a hyperinflammatory response in the body. Although she is not in imminent danger, the disease is very difficult to manage, requiring very aggressive medications to maintain life. Emma is presently at home but is frequently hospitalized for various complications..
Please pray for a full recovery of this child and for the whole family.

St. Edmund Campion and “The Brag”

St. Edmund Campion was a martyr of the English Reformation. He did many good works for Catholicism during his lifetime, including writing an article called “The Brag” to repel what the Protestants were doing at that time, which was killing Catholics and trying to eliminate the Catholic religion.


It is obvious today that the Catholic Church is at its worst point now as it ever was. There are few followers to it, just a handful.


In St Edmund Campion’s time, the Catholic Church was also at a low point. Most Catholics abjured their Faith, and those who stayed loyal were persecuted. St Edmund Campion wrote a circular letter in which he encouraged Catholics to stay true to the true Faith. The enemies dubbed the letter “The Brag” in order to discredit it. The part of “The Brag” which most applies to our lives today is the conclusion, in which St. Edmund states:


“Many innocent hands are lifted up to heaven for you daily by those English students, whose posterity shall never die, which beyond the seas, gathering virtue and sufficient knowledge for the purpose, are determined never to give you over, but either to in you heaven or to die upon your pikes. And touching our Society, be it know that we have made a league-all Jesuits in the world, whose succession and multitude much overreach all the practices of England – cheerfully to carry the cross you shall lay upon us, and never to despair your recovery, while we have a man left to enjoy your Tyburn, or to be racked up with your torments, or consumed with your prisons. The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God, it cannot be withstood. So the Faith was planted; so it must be restored.


“If these my offers be refused, and my endeavors can take no place, and I, having run a thousand miles to do you good, shall be rewarded with rigor I have no more to say but to recommend your case and mine to the Almighty God, the Searcher of Hearts, Who send us His grace, to the end that we may at last be friends in heaven, when all injuries shall be forgotten.”


This Brag very well shows the dedication and spirit of missionary work, which many priests throughout the SSPX Marian-Corps exhibit today.


As mentioned in The Brag, The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God, it cannot be withstood. So the Faith was planted; so it must be restored. There are important lessons we can learn from the Brag:


The expenses of our Faith, our religion are reckoned. We understand how taxing it is to carry our crosses every day. And yes, God’s work is not always easy, but does that mean we are excused from doing it? Absolutely not! God never gives us something impossible, and He gives us the strength we need to do His work. So let us take up our crosses, and strive to please God throughout our lives.


Secondly, the enterprise is begun. Yes, the enterprise of spreading the Faith is begun. It was begun very long ago, still continues today, and ever will continue! We are One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic! It welcomes people from all around the world to our Faith!


Thirdly, it is of God. Of course our Faith is of God! He is our Creator and Savior! Everything must be directed to Him.


Fourthly, it cannot be withstood. How could the one and only true Faith be resisted? Why would you resist a fact? Clearly, our Faith IS a fact, so why resist it? This is why it cannot be withstood.


Lastly, so the Faith was planted, so it must be restored. This perfectly describes our situation today! The Faith was planted long ago, and it still is here today, but it has gotten less and less “important” in people’s eyes. So that is why the Faith must be restored.


“The Brag” is a truly wonderful document penned by St. Edmund Campion. Let us always keep its fruits in mind, and let us live by them! And always remember that we hold the one and only true Faith! We must always live our lives in accordance to it, and everything we do must be done towards the greater glory and honor of God.


O Mary conceived without sin,

Pray for us who have recourse to thee.


O Mary conceived without sin,

Pray for us who have recourse to thee.


O Mary conceived without sin,

Pray for us who have recourse to thee.


St. Edmund Campion,

Pray for us.



News from Ireland
Don Giacomo3
From a correspondent in Ireland comes the following encouraging news:
There are currently three Resistance priests in Ireland. Fr. Bufe is joined by Fr. MacDonald, back from Australia, both of whom are in turn jonied by Fr. Giacomo Ballini (an Italian priest who had been stationed in Cork under Fr. Wailliez, and before that in Preston).
At the 11.00 Mass in Cork yesterday, Fr. Ballini explained his departure to the faithful, and handed out documentation to better explain what is going on in the SSPX and why he felt that he had no choice but to leave. Fr. Wailliez is reported to have gone down to the chapel shortly afterwards in a rage to change the locks on the church (why would that be necessary?) and otherwise prove himself as vindictive as possible.
Meanwhile, Fr. MacDonald offered Mass in Wexford yesterday for around 45 people, in the chapel currently used by the Resistance which was once used by Dom Marmion some 100 years ago. Three chapels: Wexford, Cashel (Tipperary) and Tralee (Kerry) are now lost to the SSPX and with the Resistance. This is in addition to the other Resistance chapels where Mass is regularly offered: Kesh (Fermanagh), Longford (where Fr. MacDonald will be offering regular Mass) and Dublin (at the Skylon Hotel, where Fr. Bufe will be offering Mass next Sunday at 10am).
Remember to pray for Fr. Ballini, and pray that more priests and faithful will have the courage to stand up to the modernism of the neo-SSPX and do likewise.

Pilgrimage to Shrine of the Sorrowful Mother

As noted here:

Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Sorrowful Mother

Parishioners of Our Lady of Good Success Mission in Toronto went on pilgrimage on Sunday June 7 to the Shrine of the Sorrowful Mother in St Agatha, Ontario.
We said the Stations of the Cross outside the chapel, then went inside to recite the Rosary and various other prayers, followed by the Te Deum.
Later, many of us went to a local diner for an excellent meal and good company.
If you click on the pictures below, you will see them full size.
Note also the final picture – it sets a new standard for tombstones!