No Pure Virus Has Been Isolated – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

In a section of the video linked below, Andrew Kaufman, M.D., explains that no pure virus has been isolated in the coronavirus hoax, let alone been proven to cause the so-called COVID-19 disease.  Did you read that?  No pure virus has been isolated; rather, some genetic material is taken from a sample of a sick person, partially gene sequenced, and then claimed to be within the coronavirus family based on the degree of similarity between the partial gene sequence and other coronaviruses.  However, in order for us to certainly know what we are dealing with, a pure virus needs to be isolated and then fully gene sequenced.  After this is done, experiments need to be conducted to determine whether this pure virus truly causes the symptoms of the so-called COVID-19 disease.  In other words, Koch’s postulates must be fulfilled.  Dr. Andrew Kaufman uses a walnut tree analogy to help us understand what needs to be done vs. what has been done.  What has been done gives us very little evidence to justify the level of controls and the testing put in place for this event.

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Does the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Really Exist?

As we watch the attempted communist takeover of the globe under the pretext of a pandemic, many have assessed and correctly concluded that this coronavirus hype is not about public health.  Whereas there are many speculations about the hidden agenda, one thing we can be certain of is that all this is leading towards the coming of the anti-christ.  Whether his coming occurs sooner or later, we shall see.  Nevertheless, amongst those who realize that there is no pandemic, most assume, however, that there is truly a virus named “SARS-CoV-2” that causes a disease named “COVID-19”.  I would like to challenge these people to dig deeper and investigate whether even this is true.  For the past century, we have been led to believe in what is known as the “germ theory”, that is, that there are microscopic particles (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) that cause disease and are communicable from person to another.  This “germ theory” forms the basis of modern medicine.  The “germ theory” proposes remedies such as drugs to kill these germs or vaccines to prevent them from taking hold and spreading to others.  Just think about the billions and billions of dollars that Big Pharma has made off of the “germ theory” and how many more billions it stands to make.  The contending theory is known as the “terrain theory”, which holds that it is the health of the body (the terrain) that primarily determines whether one becomes ill or not and that the health of the body is primarily determined by what one feeds his body and the toxins (e.g., GMO foods, pesticide, aluminum, mercury, fluoride, etc.) that enter it from the outside.  A good illustration of each theory is as such:

I think most of us can see that holding to the “terrain theory” would not be very profitable for Big Pharma.

Now back to the challenge.  I would like anyone to find me even one scientific study that has isolated the alleged “SARS-CoV-2” virus, determined its full genome, and then proven that it (the virus and the virus only) is the cause of the alleged “COVID-19” disease.  The scientific study would have to follow what are known as Koch’s Postulates (developed by Robert Hermann Koch, a “germ theory” pioneer), which establish a causal relationship with a high degree of certainty.  The following is an illustration (left-click to enlarge the image):

Happy hunting!