Mary, The Cause of Our Joy – Issue 8

Issue 8 (Season of Pentecost: October 2019) of Fr. David Hewko’s “Mary, The Cause of Our Joy” is available here for download.  It may also be found at the following link:–The-Cause-of-Our-Joy—-October-2019.html?soid=1132199594369&aid=F-Fe6hFTcCA

P.S., For an antidote to the poison spewed by Mr. Sean Johnson in defending Bishop Williamson’s comments regarding active attendance at the New Mass, please see this post.

Rewind – Fr. David Hewko Sermon – First Sunday of Advent – December 2, 2012 – Caledon, ON

Note:  Fr. David Hewko is no longer associated with Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer.  You may find Fr. Hewko’s statement of departure here.

This sermon was given during Fr. Hewko’s first visit to the Toronto area after leaving the neo-SSPX.

“Every One of Them Is Silent….” – Fr. David Hewko regarding the Fake Resistance Bishops

Fr. David Hewko regarding the Fake Resistance bishops being silent on Bishop Williamson’s error regarding the New Mass:

“Every one of them is silent against the error that it’s okay to go to the New Mass if it nourishes your faith.  This is poisonous doctrine.”

Rewind – Fr. David Hewko’s Open Letter to Bishop Fellay – November 8, 2012