4 thoughts on ““I Now Believe That Only Benedict Is Pope…” – Laramie Hirsch”

  1. Thank you, Mr. La Rosa for your continued endurance. What are your thoughts on an imperfect council? Per Canon Law, would it need to be held in person, or could it be held via Zoom or some other conference technology?

      • My understanding of the purpose of convening an imperfect council is expressed by Bp Rene Gracida as far back as 2018 and again recently: https://abyssum.org/2020/06/24/the-plot-thickens/

        From this blog post at Fred Martinez’ “Catholic Monitor:
        “It must be remembered in history that St. Bernard claimed the supposed pope in Rome was an antipope as Lenga is doing and was declared correct by an imperfect council which he headed.”

        The convening of an imperfect council allows for examination of the evidence surrounding the events of Feb/March 2013, especially the declaration of renouncement, in light of the precedent per St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s lead in a previous imperfect council and would indicate a potential official decision regarding the examination of that evidence.

        • As long as the imperfect council is not called to declare a pope as heretical, then I don’t see a problem with what you have proposed.


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